Would you like to contribute to NFDI4Objects as a scientist or institution? There are many ways to get actively involved, for example in TRAILS, Temporary Working Groups, or Community Clusters.

Get involved in Community Clusters

Community Cluster are open pools of researchers from the N4O member institutions, specialists from outside of N4O and all interested other persons, regardless of membership status in N4O. CCs bring together communities that still have few points of contact in their professional networks with regard to common RDM challenges. 

Community clusters have two central tasks: the bidirectional exchange of knowledge between task areas and the community, and the complete coverage of the content of the community and its overlapping areas. In this way, they foster the establishment of communication structures that are both necessary and durable for a sustainable RDM in a long-term perspective. Beyond NFDI4Objects, the clusters communicate closely with similar associations in the other NFDI consortia.

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Get involved by Temporary Working Groups

When specific challenges or difficulties arise, Temporary Working Groups (TWGs) are formed. They are the driving force behind the continuous development of standards and specifications by the consortium. The first step in establishing a TWG is its initiation through a Task Area or Community Cluster. Here they contribute in a supportive way to the implementation of the work programme and thrive on the active participation of their members. A TWG also enables the expert and community clusters to launch their own initiatives that are not yet covered by the consortium’s work programme.

TWG’s are dissolved as soon as the objectives of the initiative are achieved, when it merges with another TWG or when it has become inactive. In the spirit of our transparent work, all minutes of the TWGs are made available online and are open to comment.

Templates are available in various formats:

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Get involved in TRAILS

TRAILS (Task Related Activities for Implementation and Launch of Services) are projects of institutions that receive funding from NFDI4Objects over a fixed term for a defined research objective. There was an open call for this when the DFG proposal was in preparation. From all project applications, we selected 22 TRAILS and integrated them into the work program. 

If the consortium is granted, we will launch a new call in 2025 to allow the community to participate in the consortium work, enrich it with innovative project proposals and thus drive the expansion of NFDI4Objects.

The goal of TRAILS in NFDI4Objects is to contribute to a broad, sustainable and innovative development of the consortium and to clearly concretize the work program. 

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If you are interested in our initiative, would like to actively participate or have any questions, please contact us.