Research Data Infrastructure for the Material Remains
of Human History

NFDI4Objects is an initiative to build a multidisciplinary consortium within the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). The initiative is aimed at researchers and practitioners whose work focuses on the material heritage of around three million years of human and environmental history and is dedicated to the challenges of modern research data infrastructures.


NFDI4Objects brings together a dedicated community to create a research data infrastructure for numerous related disciplines. 


Organised by subject groups or research methods, the NFDI consortia pursues the goal of ensuring access to and sustainable use of the research data relevant to them.


The structural facilities of the N4O consortium include various operational tasks. During the application phase, all these structures have already proven their operational efficiency.


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Task-Related Activities for Implementation and Launch of services (TRAILs) enable an open and demand-oriented participation of our community in a dynamic environment.